Anderson Engineering Celebrates Professional Engineers Day


Today, August 7, 2019, is the fourth annual Professional Engineers Day celebrated by the National Society of Professional Engineers. One of the big questions that the NSPE likes to advocate for is, “Why does a Professional Engineer license matter?” We think the goal of obtaining a P.E. license is one that every aspiring engineer should work toward and that is a big part of our company’s culture. So, in honor of #LicensedPEday, we would like to share some reasons why we think it’s so important.

Career Advancement

PE = two letters that will continue to open doors throughout your entire career.

Safety Standards

The Professional Engineer Seal encompasses the highest standard for public safety. 


Personal Achievement

Never stop setting personal career goals - for each goal set and achieved is a stepping stone to your wildest dreams. 

Job Security

Regardless of where life takes you, the letters P.E. that follow your name will always remain. 

Anderson Engineering Standards

Our company was built on high standards and we expect our employees to set those same high standards for themselves. 


Only a Licensed PE holds the power of the Professional Engineer’s Seal. 


“PEs are held in high esteem by their peers within the engineering community, who see the PE as part of an elite group.” -NSPE


We also celebrated by speaking with some of our engineers about their career as a Professional Engineer. One of our P.E.s, Gary Strack, was asked what piece of advice he would give to a young child or student who is interested in the field of engineering. His answer was, “Persistence pays off. Be diligent in your education and you will have a rewarding career.” Our engineers here at Anderson not only dedicate themselves to upholding the standards of their own license, but also to guiding our younger Design Engineers on their path to obtaining their own P.E. license. That’s part of what makes our company so special.

Happy #LicensedPEday to all of the Professional Engineers out there, especially our awesome team of P.E.s that are a part of the Anderson Engineering family! 

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