Anderson Engineering Supports Missouri's Proposition D



Our CEO & President, Neil Brady, presented a check to Dan Kleinsorge of at a recent ACEC of Missouri event in support of the campaign for Missouri’s Proposition D that will appear on the November ballot. What is Proposition D? We’re glad that you asked!

“Proposition D is about safety on our roads and in our communities. The funds from this proposition will be used to strengthen state law enforcement and to repair our aging road system with 21st century safety improvements. As a retired patrolman who spent 31 years on Missouri's roads, I wholeheartedly endorse Proposition D for a safer Missouri.”


If you are interested in learning more about Proposition D or how our community will benefit, has all of the information that you need. As a civil engineering firm, this is an issue that we firmly believe is deserving of all of our attention and support. So, when you cast your vote in November, make sure to vote “YES on D for safer roads and safer streets.”

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