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Employee Owned Companies


Employee ownership is one of the best solutions to ensuring a vested interest in the company’s success by employees of all levels; and it’s more than just a retirement plan.


ESOP or Employee Stock Ownership Program allows employees to own a piece of their company in the form of company stock. Owning stock in a company naturally means having an interest in the success of the company. The performance of the employees directly impacts the performance of the company, and by extension, the company’s stock.


So what does that mean for those interested in working for an employee owned company?


It means working with dedicated, driven co-workers who are interested not only in their own success, but in the success of their colleagues and their company. It means working with people who are experienced in their field, in a place that is tremendously inclusive for all employees.


Anderson Engineering is proud to participate in an Employee Stock Ownership Program, and all the benefits for our team that accompany it. That’s just one of the things that makes us the best place to work!