The Importance of Construction Testing and Special Inspection

As the contractor or developer, you have a lot of responsibility on your plate. You have deadlines to meet and budgets to keep on track when building someone’s dream home. Plus you have to keep your client happy. Wouldn't you like to have a firm that would be there to meet your testing needs when you need it, to give you timely reports, and to keep you ahead of problems? Well that firm is us. A few of us have been Contractors before and we know what challenges you face and what you need.  We've done this enough now that we know how to anticipate issues and be proactive. We find the problems before they occur and are able to look at a project and help you foresee problems before they happen. This way you can keep on schedule and hopefully under budget.

Construction site plans and schedules are complicated nowadays. We've got designers that just got out of college and don't really know how construction works. These challenges become your challenges. With our testing and inspection role, we can help you find these issues and anticipate problems.

Soil and rock condition issues are something you need a professional for. You want someone that has experience with not just testing, but figuring out problem periods and giving you practical realistic solutions. We don't give you the one correct answer, we give you alternatives so that you can pick the solution that meets your risks and budgets. We know there is more than one solution to every problem.

If you want a firm that's going to give you responsive service, timely reports, and work with your needs, then choose us. We believe in doing quality work. We're not going to be the cheapest testing firm in town. But, when you look at the services we provide, you’ll see we are the best value.

All of our offices can do various testing and inspection. We use technology to our advantage by putting all our forms and information we need online, so that we can access from our smartphones.

We've also developed a GIS that has all of our projects from the last 20 years on it. This is linked to our server with stand reports and scanned information.

More than likely, we know something about your site even before we've been there. If we don't have our own past project information, we have developed proprietary information or we know about your soil, rock, topography, sinkhole, mining and other hazards that we might expect to find.

We work smarter than the other guys.

Our Springfield, Joplin, and St. Robert Fort Leonard Wood offices have full testing and inspection capabilities. But the other offices can do quite a bit for your needs.

We like to be known as the best company to work with, and best company to work for. We are owned by our people. Even the lowest guy on the totem pole is probably an owner, but he knows he has to take the initiative and help you solve your problem, in the field, in a timely matter, and not to take, “no” for an answer. He's got to do the right thing for your project.

Why is Anderson Engineering here? We are here to make sure that your project is successful from the ground up! Before the project even really begins you have to start with the soil and rock. Then we developed concept plans for you, do surveys, and make sure your plan can be successful. We go to Planning and Zoning meetings for you, get permits, and help you bid out your project. During construction we can help you with your construction Administration, inspections, testing, and construction staking. To meet IBC requirements we can do special inspections for you.

For more information regarding our construction testing labs, give us a call to set up an appointment. Have questions about our lab? Go here!