Joe Clayton, P.L.S. Submits Article for the Missouri Surveyor

You never know what adventure you may stumble upon on an ordinary day at work – which is what this survey crew with MoDOT discovered while working on a routine Interstate job near the Arkansas border. Joe Clayton, P.L.S. in our Joplin, MO office, wrote an article about this survey crew who, with the guidance of an old college professor and Geologist who had the necessary expertise in cave exploring/mapping, navigated their way through mapping a cave that was located on the center line of the Interstate that they were working on. Every project has its own set of road blocks to be navigated through, but this one was quite literal, I would say.

In this piece, Joe paints a picture of this unique experience – from gathering the necessary supplies, maneuvering through tight spaces that were not meant for a 6’4” man to squeeze through, and a disturbing list of creepy, crawly creatures that joined them on the job. The moral of this story is, sometimes the road blocks turn into the best learning experiences – and great stories that will be told for years to come. This is the story of “Stadin Elbow Cave,” the name coined by the survey crew themselves. Why Stadin Elbow? Well, you’ll have to read the story to find out!


Download PDF of Joe's Article