Thermal Imaging with Drones

Anderson Engineering is one of the few businesses within Missouri authorized to use drones in a professional capacity. With superior drone technology, we are taking civil engineering, land surveying, materials testing and drilling services to the next level. One service in particular that we’re excited about is thermal imaging, or thermography, using drones. It has many uses in the engineering world.

Thermography detects the temperature measurements that can be indicative of issues needing repair, areas to be aware of before building on a construction site, detecting moisture in the walls of structures and much more.

With the addition of thermal camera options on drones, this innovative new technology can be used to monitor the state of things as large as wind turbines and cell towers, or as common as flat top roofs and HVAC systems. Often times, these drones are used to inspect areas that are too difficult or unsafe for humans to reach. Since no contact needs to be made with the area being surveyed, it’s a safer option with excellent results.

Anderson Engineering currently staffs three certified pilots who are capable of using the drones to get the necessary information your home or business needs. Since the drones don’t require human air-time, drone thermography can also be a more cost-effective option as opposed to a manned plane.

If you have any questions about thermal imaging using drones, give us a call! We’d be happy to discuss the best option for your needs.