Anderson Engineering Celebrates 20 year ESOP Anniversary



It’s our anniversary! On June 19, 1998, Anderson Engineering joined The ESOP Association, which makes today our 20th anniversary of becoming an employee-owned and operated company. This is a huge milestone for our team, as being a part of The ESOP Association has become a big part of our core values as a company. So, what does it mean to be an employee-owned company?

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) enables all Anderson Engineering employees to own stock in our company, which ultimately means that each employee has a certain amount of ownership of the company, depending on how long they have been employed. An amazing thing happens when employees are granted the ability to invest in the company that they work for – that financial investment translates into investments of time, energy and hard work.



Since becoming an employee-owned company in 1998, Anderson Engineering has experienced exponential growth and success, opening 8 new offices in the last 20 years. That success is a direct result of the dedication and hard work of each and every employee who has been a part of our company’s story. Historically, our employees come to stay – we have many employee owners who started their careers with Anderson Engineering and plan to retire with us as well.

We are proud to be members of The ESOP Association and are excited for the growth and success we have witnessed over the last 20 years. Thank you to each and every one of our employees who have given those investments of time, energy and hard work over the years – you are not only a part of our company’s story, you are a part of our success!